An innovative web site with Cancer type specific information to patients and their loved ones

The ability to meet patients with the same cancer through our patient social network in the SMCAC web site community

Unity of the Scientific and Medical community devoted to understanding and beating cancer


Their knowledge and creativity will be synergized through real time web site communication

Free access to computer kiosks or workstations in chemotherapy clinics, radiation therapy clinics, and oncologist waiting rooms where patients and loved ones can access the SMCAC website

The Scientific and Medical Coalition Against Cancer is an unbiased non-profit organizationof cancer patients, activists, and experts that provide: The organization was founded by scientific and medical professionals that have survived cancer and their friends.Funding provided by your generous donations and by RecycleComputers4Cancer.org.

Donate or recycle your used computers, pc, monitors and laptop equipment today.

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Breast Cancer Dr.example
Brain Cancer Dr.example
Lung Cancer Dr.example

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Showing how SMCAC supports Cancer Research at the Jimmy Fund and Putting for Patients in the Boston area


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